Darla's Secret Wish

Darla s Secret Wish Darla doesn t understand why her father left them and her feelings of longing and jealousy become even confused when her father remarries A night babysitting her younger half sister at her father s n

  • Title: Darla's Secret Wish
  • Author: Selena Kitt
  • ISBN: 2940000796894
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Nook
  • Darla doesn t understand why her father left them, and her feelings of longing and jealousy become even confused when her father remarries A night babysitting her younger half sister at her father s new house ends up fulfilling Darla s secret wish, when her stepmother gets ill, forcing them to return early, and her father has to drive Darla home .

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      Selena Kitt

    About Author

    1. Selena Kitt is a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and award winning author of erotic and romance fiction She is one of the highest selling erotic writers in the business with over two million books sold Her writing embodies everything from the spicy to the scandalous, but watch out this kitty also has sharp claws and her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought provoking depths When she s not pawing away at her keyboard, Selena runs an innovative publishing company excessica and bookstore excitica , as well as two erotica and erotic romance promotion companies excitesteam and excitespice and is now head of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association erotica readers.Her books EcoErotica 2009 , The Real Mother Goose 2010 and Heidi and the Kaiser 2011 were all Epic Award Finalists Her only gay male romance, Second Chance, won the Epic Award in Erotica in 2011 Her story, Connections, was one of the runners up for the 2006 Rauxa Prize, given annually to an erotic short story of exceptional literary quality She can be reached on her website at selenakitt

    One thought on “Darla's Secret Wish

    1. 2.5This is a novelette so, it s super short Contains 1 love scene I m totally not satisfied with this At the end, I was like that s it That s all I get It s quite disappointing, I didn t even feel anything when they did it Ana s so much better and quite longer than this Longer novels please

    2. 3.5 stars This one was a little closer to my hard limit but still not truly daddy daughter incest I think I may have to stop there because I just don t think I can do it I got a little icked out with this one because it doesn t say how old Darla is and I m thinking she s not an adult That s hard for me to deal with But, if I pretended that she was over the age of consent then I was much better with it I didn t like how view spoiler Daddy took Darla s virginity I think if you re gonna have sex w [...]

    3. Darla loaded with Daddy abandonment issues is the star of this little porn session The story is well edited and flows smoothly It was just okay for me because there wasn t much to it and I couldn t really get into it It reminds me of short stories I find on Literotica I know Ms Kitt originally started out on that site Perhaps this is one of her earlier works The only taboo part is sex with the man who helped raise you Since it isn t blood relations, it wasn t as titillating or squicky feeling.

    4. Rating overviewWriting Story Characters Overall 3.66 Very typical Selena Kitt, I ve forgotten just how much of a delicious guilty pleasure reads these are Could have done with another chapter but all in all a fun half an hour

    5. A very short quickie readI wanted something different from what I have been reading latelyd boy did I get different Enjoyed it than I should havee whole stepdaddy daughter taboo did push me way out of my comfort zonebut still a goody

    6. 1.5 2 starsMy reaction after I finished this short story O.OI ve read Daddy play age play in m m romance, and well, it wasn t my favorite kink but it didn t really squick me out um, maybe because there was no incest involved, lol The pseudo incest between adopted father and daughter in this case did a bit I felt that this short story pushed me out of my comfort zone, which is usually fine with me In this case, the eroticized nature of this relationship kind of missed me because all I could think [...]

    7. Yeah This story was one of those things for me Unfortunately for me some things can t be undone The review Daddy leaves Gets new hunny Teen daughter gets jealous Sex happens That was a short review so was the story thank goodness This wasn t a horribly written story btw, I love Selena Kitt s writing style It was the content The whole she s too young vibe I got is not my cup of tea And I don t remember getting the impression that was his stepdaughter But I could be wrong and I m not rereading tha [...]

    8. Not my favoriteDarla is an imbecile She behaves like she s 5 years old Every other word out of her mouth is Daddy , which is a huge pet peeve of mine with stepfather taboo stories Her father is a morally bankrupt adulterer and absent parentuntil the little girl he s been ignoring for years starts humping him Then he loves her Then she s worthy of a little attention He was her adopted father since she was a baby Am I supposed to be convinced that he was helpless against her sophisticated seductio [...]

    9. This was truly one of the most disturbing things I ve ever read I haven t read much erotica in general, so I just grabbed a bunch for my Kindle the other day, out of curiosity, and was amply punished for it Kitt is good at making sex seem hot, but I could NOT get past the girl doing it with the man who s raised her and is her parental authority figure, as well as being obviously, significantly older than her I don t care who the instigator was It was just disturbing, and I wish I could erase it [...]

    10. So, I m in a banned books spree I try to read as many as I can before I fall asleep at night with all the book I have stored on my phone apps from purchases lol This one is about a girl with abandonment issues She s baby sitting Daddy s new daughter, he drives her home, mommy isn t home when they get home and they have a sexual encounter It wasn t really all that shocking for me I m not sure if the Oh daddy I twalk like a baby and ask you to put it in me is doing it for people, but its not doin [...]

    11. Darla s step father and mother have split up and as her step father has found a new woman she senses their relationship slipping away, but as she s not one to stand idly by and let it happen she takes matters into her own hands and sets out to form a new bond.A nice short story, with a nice Lolita vibe in a pseudo incestuous setting.

    12. Read as part of Taboo The Collection Story Nr 5See, this brat Darla wants her Daddy back What better way for it as to let him fuck her This was sooooo wrong on so many levels But it was hot And since when has PWP be realistic or right anyway

    13. Honestly, this story smacked of underage sex to me, even though the girl was said to be 18 The way her body was described just made her seem so much younger Typically, I don t like to give less than 3 stars, but for the fact of the feel, I had to If you put that out of your mind, the sex was hot between Darla and her step father This is another story that appears to be taboo, but they re not actually related.

    14. Quickie ThoughtsI ll admit I m a fan of taboo erotic stories, and found this short quite enjoyable Darla is 18, and Daddy is not her birth father so I didn t find anything wrong with her seducing him This definitely won t be for everyone, so if you do find their relationship to be too close, skip this story.

    15. Daddy s Favorites Darla, is a short erotica story by Selena Kitt The story is about a daughter seeking her father s attention and jealousy towards the woman he remarried In this story, she seduces her father, who foolishly allows himself to be seduced by his adopted daughter The story is hot, in a daddy daughter erotica.

    16. Dirty, Dirty, Dirty Daddy and Darla Holy Hotness If the title didn t give it away, this is a taboo read about a sexual relationship between a STEP FATHER and daughter skirting the edge of taboo, but still tame enough to be sold on , but that doesn t put a damper on the level of heat in this quickie read

    17. Gotta admit I was hesitant to read this book seeing the daddy daughter incest subject of it Thank goodness it was a step father step daughter kind of thing The STEP makes a big difference I think I d throw up in my mouth if they were biologically related lol Still its taboo and can be a bit disturbing But this book was a fun, sexy short read I liked it

    18. ages 18 not for kiddies involves incest not my favourite subject when i m reading a book Darla has some serious Daddy issues and instead of working it out with a threapist, she goes straight to the souce and somehow along the way, convinces her father to screw her senseless thankfully its over quickly.

    19. Kind of a let downexactly the same as the free story Darla s Secret Wish, except Daddy has been changed to adoptive Daddy I was really hoping for an expanded story Too bad, but it doesn t detract from the original story which I loved.Bottom line, save your money and grab the free version.

    20. This book is like a story in that it s short, but it was also a good read It was a great diversion from my afternoon and considering it was also free I am far far from disappointed I enjoyed the emotions present in the book and the finale.

    21. Darla gets her step father to show her some real step father daughter love Pseudo incest, skirting the edge of that taboo, but rest assured, it s hot, steamy, and very satisfying An excellent level of heat for this quickie read

    22. I like daddy daughter incest story type But wellis one not as good as what am expectedd way too fast and short, and not that hot either Pso, this one is just so so for me.

    23. It was a good hot read based on great writing style Had to get past the father issue the issue being it was her real father ick Good that it ended right before it became uncomfortable and repugnant.

    24. This is a very short story, which I have to be honest, completely weirded me out It was just a bit too taboo for me Daddy, daughter, incest stories just are not my thing Just gave me the creeps

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