Reclaiming Love

Reclaiming Love He ll risk it all for a new chance at life love Kevin Stohler survived a violent and abusive relationship but escaped with a damaged psyche Connor McCann walks into his life like a living dream Kevin

  • Title: Reclaiming Love
  • Author: V.L. McElfresh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 371
  • Format: ebook
  • He ll risk it all for a new chance at life love.Kevin Stohler survived a violent and abusive relationship but escaped with a damaged psyche Connor McCann walks into his life like a living dream Kevin can t believe Connor is interested, but he agrees to a date Connor proves to be patient, kind and truly interested.Before they can enjoy life together, something hasHe ll risk it all for a new chance at life love.Kevin Stohler survived a violent and abusive relationship but escaped with a damaged psyche Connor McCann walks into his life like a living dream Kevin can t believe Connor is interested, but he agrees to a date Connor proves to be patient, kind and truly interested.Before they can enjoy life together, something has to be done about Kevin s ex, Josh Harding Josh has stalked Kevin for three years, and the stalking escalates as Kevin s feelings for Connor grow Kevin fears that loving Connor might kill him It s a risk he s willing to take to reclaim a chance at love.

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    About Author

    1. V L McElfresh lives in central Missouri with her son and a neurotic Boston Terrier She works in the computer industry during the day and writes every chance she gets When not working or writing, she likes cooking, reading, knitting, and shopping for priceless antiques at the local flea market.

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    1. Re read September 2015 Well, the third re read yeah, I know left me cold Kevin just bugged me this time Time to put this one on the shelf permanently I read this initially back in 2011 and re read it in April 2013 It was every bit as great as I remembered so I added it to my favorites shelf It is 100% healing comfort with MC Connor finding himself drawn to broken, devastated MC Kevin, who has been sexually, emotionally and physically abused by an old boyfriend who, after over 2 years, is still s [...]

    2. 1.5 stars rounded up because of the subject matter and because this is a brand new writer.This book really frustrated me I do understand why people would like this book if they just read it quickly and didn t think too much about it I wanted to like it as the plot and subject are my thing But it was awful on so many levels I couldn t Note to author Please don t take this personally I do think you have talent, and should keep writing.The positives were the attempt at handling such a difficult and [...]

    3. 3.75 stars I apparently have a thing for hurt comfort.cially if there is some sort of domestic violence Hey some folks like tentaclesexI likes me victims DThis wasgood It s about an abused submissive, Kevin, who is still stalked by his abusive ex boyfriend Dom, Josh Kevin is constantly in fear, afraid of a lot of things ex phone calls, letters, men, etc and it was believable.Kevin has understandable issues and hang ups He catches the eye of sexy blonde Irish implant, Connor McCann He s nicknamed [...]

    4. The book starts with a frightend Kevin, a thirty old guy who can t bear to stay alone at home He clings to a linus blanket, he tries to create rumor around the apartment to avoid the silence, he makes call to friends Since the first pages the reader realizes that Kevin is a traumatized man who hasn t yet overcome his nightmare Three years before Kevin was in a D s relationship with a Dom who didn t respect the boundaries they agreed, and this sent Kevin to the hospital near dead Now he is trying [...]

    5. I was debating between a 4 and 5, but I think I have to make it a 5 star read from me I BELIEVED Kevin It wasn t a quick recovery , it was slow and he s still not healed, but a work in progress Kevin was a in 2 year D s relationship with Josh, his dom I put that in quotes because he was only acting like one He was an abuser Plain and simple He emotionally, physically, and sexually abused Kevin As like most relationships it started out wonderful and then things escalated For Kevin to retell every [...]

    6. Kevin has spent the last three years trying to heal from an abusive relationship He had agreed to be collared by Josh Harding but instead of a safe and consensual D s relationship he found himself owned by a man who disregarded his safewords and took pleasure in abuse Kevin only got out when he was injured badly enough to be hospitalized He has lost trust both in other men and in his own attractiveness and worth But he has good friends who have been supporting him, and when he meets a handsome m [...]

    7. Reclaiming Love pulls the reader in with the richness of the writing, leading them along one man s journey out of darkness to find hope and love again.Three years out of a relationship where he was forced to be little than a slave Kevin still struggles every day While he has experienced the good in a BDSM relationship he never wanted the full time thing Yet that was the relationship he found himself in with his ex Josh After numerous hospital visits Kevin s friends finally managed to get him aw [...]

    8. Kevin used to play at all kinds of kink and he danced Then he met Josh and life eventually went to hell Josh used the D s BDSM to abuse, torture, torment, hurt, humiliate, isolate, controletty much every bad thing you can think of he did it under the pretense of D s to Kevin.Well, three years after leaving Josh which very nearly cost him his life he is slowly, very slowly getting better He meets Conner Well Conner is just a knight in shiny armor He is patient, supportive, understandingcThere is [...]

    9. I tend to rate stuff pretty high on average, because I am so easily entertained I really hate giving bad reviews because I often like books that others feel are totally lame, but then again I always use the disclaimer I am easily entertained.I guess that I thought this was going to be a of a Cinderfella theme than it was and that threw me a bit It was really all about a guy who is being stalked by his totally pyscho ex dom.It just didn t do it for me I went between boredom and irritation during [...]

    10. I found the first half of this book not a little slow but a little difficult to get into Kevin at the beginning of the book is really messed up, shy, afraid, emotional, insecure He is a total basket case who feels he doesn t deserve anything and how could he not be that way after all the abuse he went through However about 30% or so of the way his real self starts coming through which is nice to see but at the very beginning feels like he has dual personalities.It was good to see Kevin slowly co [...]

    11. The story was good but it had the potential to be so much The problems I had with the story are that 1 The story mainly doted on one MC Kevin, the abused while Connor, the other MC was grossly overlooked His background was just as interesting yet McElfresh, dedicated very little to Connor s storyline I was bitterly disappointed by this 2 aside from the MC s, There were other supporting characters that were very intriguing as well and I wanted to learn about them The way the story unfolds it wo [...]

    12. Hmm, finally picked this one back up a month and a half after putting it down at 70% I liked it enough that I didn t want it to end up in my DNF pile, but I didn t love it There were some really nice secondary characters, but I didn t feel like we really got to know any of them very well They were ever present in Kevin s life, yet for all their meddling no one seemed to be able to help him at his greatest hour of need And frankly, his relationship with Devon kinda freaked me out a little I know [...]

    13. 3.5 stars I thought this one had very good tension While I enjoyed both characters Kevin came off as very much stereotypical female in the beginning He did change but I was a bit worried there for a bit I took a full star off for the drama near the end Saw that one coming a mile away I d like to see some of the other characters get a story I love abuse hurt MC theme but here we get told it quite frequently but never really get to experience While that may make some folks happy since they cannot [...]

    14. A good solid read of abuse and recovery The secondary characters were used as info dumps throughout the book which at times made me want to stop reading I felt Conner and Kevin should have communicated amongst themselves to bring the reader closer Although the book does have a HEA, I thought this read leaned into drama since the romance is overshadowed by the angst of the story.

    15. This book got me hooked from the first page I almost couldn t put it down until I finished it It was hard to see the torment and ghosts that were left in Keith s life, but it was also wonderful to see the persistence, care and patience of Connor Wonderful book got me hooked until the last page very recomended For sure a 5

    16. This book had a lot of high and low notes for me Way too much time was spent rehashing the abuse sounds wrong, I know , when there were so many interesting characters to flesh out His mom, his relationship with his dad, his complex love of the BDSM scene, etc I don t specify the pronoun his because the whole story was about Kevin.I felt like Connor was a side note, and not a main character He had an intersting story too, but I don t think over a few pages was dedicated to him In order for him to [...]

    17. M M I love pathos and angst than anything But, I also need a solid story with it This one had the pathos in droves but the story was really weak.

    18. It has been three years since Kevin Stohler was rescued from a dangerously abusive relationship He bears significant scars, both mental and physical, from his relationship with Josh Harding Under the guise of BDSM, Josh was violently abusive, sending Kevin to the emergency room numerous times Kevin found himself in a relationship where his own needs and desires were disregarded at every turn He has escaped with the help of his friends who are like family, but he is still struggling to escape Jo [...]

    19. In all of our justified focus on same sex marriage, there are other issues that impact the LGBT community that we don t always consider with enough energy, attention, and focus Domestic violence is one of those issues Reclaiming Love focuses on a victim s attempt, not only to survive a horrific experience of domestic abuse, but to reclaim his life and move on.Three years ago, Kevin Stohler left a vicious relationship, and he is still recovering from it He is a shell of his former vivacious self [...]

    20. This was actually amazingly good.The balance between the plot and sex was very good The sex wasn t intrusive, yet was worked into the plot in a way that it couldn t exactly be ignored, and not just because the characters would have incongruously meaningful conversations during sex.It was beautifully written and wonderfully realistic I got angst, but it didn t feel like wangst to me, which is always gratifying.This kind of reminds me of the way I felt about the movie Pursuit of Happyness It s ama [...]

    21. Let me start of with the positive things The writing was pretty good There were no confusing moments for me, there was a steady pace to the story and the characters were well rounded Connor was an okay character I kind of liked him.But then Kevin God, I really disliked him His character was all over the place He was supposed to be a sub when he played the BDSM scene, but he would easily become as demanding as any Dom would be One minute he would act like a scared little boy and the next he would [...]

    22. This was a decent book, but it was very predictable The characters were very like able, and the storyline was good but again, too predictable I am also not a huge fan of instant love, and these characters seemed to be professing their love way to soon to be believable Now, thinking about the book as a whole, it had a good plot, nice flow and good characters The story follows Kevin who is being tormented by his ex who abused him His rescuer comes in the form of the new guy in town, Connor The boo [...]

    23. This is one that I may pick up later, but the story is just not grabbing me It had potential as we meet Kevin who s obviously been victimized at some point is very withdrawn as a result He starts a tentative relationship with Connor or what I d call 2 dates On the first date one of Kevin s friends threaten Connor says treat Kevin right or else After the second date another friend demands to know basically what are your intentions how do you feel about depressed abused men are you willing to cont [...]

    24. It is an absolute shame that this book only has two reviews because it is absolutely awesome, engaging, thrilling, and mindblowing The gentle and growing love between the two characters is wonderfully developed It does not lack for action and offers sincerity,realism and genuineness I loved Kevin and how real he seemed in his quest to get beyond his trauma and Conner s gentleness as he showed him time, patience, and love Neither character was larger than life, and the passion was still wonderful [...]

    25. 4.5 stars Really, really good book Stayed up til 3 am to finish Only one concern issue view spoiler With all of kevin s issues, it was hard not to wonder when he became amorous that it may have been due to wanting to please Connor As opposed to simply wanting that part of his life back view spoiler hide spoiler I have read lots of hurt comfort so I may wait awhile read again and if the spoiler above was part of the book or maybe my own notions from reading other hurt comfort books I will update [...]

    26. This book was just too much for me, I can t get with the BDSM at all I hated Kevin s friends at first but if I was Connor I would have told them to fuck off There is no way I would have been interested in Keven with friends like those treating me like that and they just met me I don t care if it was because they loved him so much and were trying to protect him They should have did that to Kevin s ex and he may not have been abused so much or so long Connor was a glutton for punishement or just d [...]

    27. I see the mixed reviews on this and I ll admit that the pushy friends and the insta love made this book not perfect, but I really liked Kevin and I thought the book did a good job of showing why Conor was attracted to him When he was playful, Kevin was funny and erotic and somewhat exotic You could see that all the reasons he was insecure and felt he didn t deserve love, were in his head Once he allowed himself to get out of there he was able to move on with his life So, while not perfect, I did [...]

    28. To a great extent this is a stereotypical stalker story Kevin is a damaged man who meets a new love and has to defeat the stalker and heal old emotional wounds in order to have a future with his new lover Connor is too good to be true, but that s what fantasies are all about, right Cute characters, great chemistry and solid if a little predictable plot make this an entertaining story well worth the time and money.If you love angsty stories, don t miss this one It s perfect for angst whores like [...]

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