Romance Impossible

Romance Impossible One man One woman One restaurant A stormy temper and a grudge that s been years in the making It s the perfect recipe for Romance Impossible But add a little heat and anything can happenJillian Brow

  • Title: Romance Impossible
  • Author: Melanie Marchande
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One man One woman One restaurant A stormy temper, and a grudge that s been years in the making It s the perfect recipe for Romance Impossible.But add a little heat, and anything can happenJillian Brown needs a job Chef Maxwell Dylan needs an employee who can put up with him And for some reason, the notorious celebrity chef has his sights set on her It s a matchOne man One woman One restaurant A stormy temper, and a grudge that s been years in the making It s the perfect recipe for Romance Impossible.But add a little heat, and anything can happenJillian Brown needs a job Chef Maxwell Dylan needs an employee who can put up with him And for some reason, the notorious celebrity chef has his sights set on her It s a match made in the deepest fires of hell, but Jill s desperate, and righteous indignation doesn t pay the bills.Chef Dylan doesn t seem to remember their chance encounter years ago, when he embarrassed Jill in front of a restaurant full of customers And Jill well, she s willing to put the memory behind her, in the name of a steady paycheck.But things get complicated Tempers flare, verbal sparring soon gives way to a grudging mutual respect and feelings that the once bitten, twice shy Jill isn t ready for Especially not with a man like Chef Dylan But with flames licking higher, can Jill resist the temptation More importantly, does she really want to

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      Melanie Marchande

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    1. Melanie Marchande is the New York Times bestselling author of His Secretary Undone She loves sarcastic alpha billionaires, sassy curvy heroines, and pizza Not necessarily in that order.

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    1. 3 StarsI m a sucker for any kind of romance with food involved.nce I love both so much But I love to cook and these types of books draw me in Although this one did not hit me with an OVER THE MOON LOVE story it was still cuteever, I feel like I would have enjoyed this one much if I could have connected with the heroin Meet Jillina well, Jillian had lots of potential she s a chef that s pretty much just starting out She s worked with a lot of good chefs, mostly in the background but of course h [...]

    2. Thanks to the Food Network and Gordon Ramsay, we know that temperamental chefs are out there But surely all of that yelling and screaming is just for show, right Jillian certainly wishes it was, but as she experiences with Chef Maxwell Dylan, sometimes what you see on television is what you get in real life.While working in a kitchen that she knows cuts corners, Jill is directed by the head chef to prepare a salmon dish for Chef Dylan, who has come into the restaurant She does the best she can w [...]

    3. I am also totally into food competition shows, and restaurant makeoverswhich led me to Gordon Ramsay Which led me to ROMANCE IMPOSSIBLE This contemporary romance is a love story for foodies, like me.Here s what happens Jillian Brown is a chef She has worked many kitchens around Boston, but is currently out of work due to so many restaurants failing in the depressed economy Her bank account is nearly empty, and she s desperate.Chef Maxwell Dylan undoubtedly inspired by Chef Gordon Ramsay is a dem [...]

    4. Loved the characters 4.5 5 starsI have had received an eARC copy of this book from the author in exchange of a honest review Thank you.My thoughts Theo When it comes to cooking you need and beautiful chefs you must read this book But you also need to read it because of the action and the characters that are amazingly interacting between them Everything starts with Jill being a second chef at a sort of important restaurant, but the budget is running low and sometimes people can tell the differenc [...]

    5. I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review This is the first ARC I have received since I joined the community, and let me say I totally loved this book At first I was a little bothered by the leading man, I mean talk about confident control freak I really disliked him at first But as soon as you begin to read and you understand how hard he has worked for what he has achieved and well yeah he sort of deserves to be a confident a hole once or twice His character began to show [...]

    6. ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review The Food Network has certainly opened up a brave new world for spicy pun intended romance Yes, I watch Chopped, Next Food Network Star, Restaurant Impossible, etc religiously and have been awed by the ego and the heart that these chef lebrities display With that being said, the protagonists in this romance are two such creatures.ident egotistical, sometimes , talented, flawed, confused The push and pull of love hate was palpable throughout the [...]

    7. This could have been a cute rom com but it falls flat First of all, the cover doesn t go along with the tone of the story The romance here never fully develops and is this constant pushing and pulling between the main couple who don t make sense with their actions regarding one another The romance is very bland and uninspiring And when the main couple acts on their attraction, it s so wam bam, done and over The chemistry is non existent and tepid.The drama is next to nothing, even with the sudde [...]

    8. Melanie has outdone herself Melanie has outdone herself I loved the Billionaire series but she gets better and better with each new release I can t wait for part 2 There were times I wanted to kill each of the two main characters There were times I wanted to just hug them They are very much alike in many ways but, just enough of a difference between them to make it fiery I only have one complaintI WANT MORE

    9. Loved it Not your usual falling for the boss types.We get to know both Max Jill very well, you end up loving both of them get annoyed at their blindness to one another Hooked from page one, this is no quick fling

    10. I found that whilst reading this arc that you can relate to both the characters in this book and apply it to daily life.It was well written and highly enjoyable

    11. This book caught me attention within a few pages and held it to the end I did have faint issues with the continued emotional disconnect we heard about for both characters but it was a minor issue For the most part I thoroughly enjoyed the book.Jillian Brown s first meeting with chef Dylan isn t good He berates and belittles her for the food she turns out in the restaurant she works at, a day she is never going to forget But when desperation for a job has her interviewing personally with the same [...]

    12. I loved the premise on the book but I felt it was a bit long and repetitive It was a great standalone, however the ending was just that ending No epilogue or where the characters are now I d still recommend the book.

    13. The premise of this story was good and original Jillian Brown is a good chef, struggling to make ends meet during hard economic times She is offered a job by chef extraordinaire Maxwell Dylan think Gordon Ramsey , who has a reputation for being incredible difficult to work for Although Jill has a grudge against him because of a bad encounter from years ago, she agrees to the job A strong working relationship is formed over time, which also eventually leads to even strong feelings.One thing I lik [...]

    14. Romance Impossible is a well written book It flows at a nice pace and the plot is very original and interesting I am a huge book foodie fan, so after reading the book blurb, I just had to request it from NetGalley.This story is about two people, Jillian Brown, an aspiring chef and an already established, very recognizable chef, Maxwell Dylan Max s character is reminiscent of Chef Gordon Ramsay on reality TV Jill and Max work together in Max s new restaurant and very slowly begin to form feelings [...]

    15. I just know some of you creative types out there LOVE to make graphics about the books you read if you make any for ROMANCE IMPOSSIBLE, make sure to share them with me You can post them on my Facebook or email me and I d LOVE to share them with everyone Spoiler alert, there MIGHT be prizes involved for those who share their workMAYBEwho can say

    16. Maxwell that boy is something else, this will probably surprise you, he said But on the scale of head chefs, I m actually not that hard to work for If you re eager, if you re passionate, and above all, if you listen to effing directions Here, he briefly grinned again we ll get along just fine And you come highly recommended Jillian she s a good person, she brings Maxwell some things to feel better, I brought you some things, I said, shoving the bag towards him I justLydia said nobody checked on [...]

    17. I m going to rate this one a little higher than the Billionaire Romance as I didn t find myself rolling my eyes as much This book kind of felt like an odd to Jamie Oliver a what if scenario what if the mean jack ass you see on tv isn t all there is to the man What kind of person would he fall in love with This cover, nothing to do with the book The guy doesn t even look like the love interest is described Sigh.There was a complete guffaw moment that I remembered took me out of the funk I was in [...]

    18. ARC Provided by NetGalley and Fido Publishing for an honest review First of all I was completely disappointed by this book The write up held such promise, the writing itself was good, but the story itself, boring and the re emergence of Jillian s ex boyfriend was pointless.Jillian and Max s romance was bland Neither turned out how I expected and the bulk of the story was a big tug of war with their inner selves.The first romantic moment was very much wam bam thank you mam, now lets forget this e [...]

    19. I found Romance Impossible to be a light, easy read The lead characters second chance at love story is a good premise The characters themselves both primary and secondary were quite engaging I would have liked the hero s hard edges a little defined but I was impressed by his growth through the story The story itself was fairly evenly paced with well drawn settings and appropriate dialogue There were some time gaps to deal with, but they didn t slow the story down A well plotted romance with a s [...]

    20. Jill and Max meet at a Restraunt that Jill is a chef at but in walks Max who critizes her cooking skills years later they meet by him calling her in for an interview in which she felt like she should turn down but something told her to prove something to Chef Dylan aka Maxwell Dylan he is like the Simon Cowell of chefs instead of music he does this to cooks chefs at five star type restraunts Jill makes a decision and things in a way are never the same feelings are stirred things are tested but f [...]

    21. For a book that s based around food, we didn t get to hear much about it Working in the restaurant and little else is the basic gist of this book There was no passion between the characters or the food There was no romance either No foodie talk, no recipes, ingredients, sauces food related Honestly, the whole book was about working in the kitchen and little else I kid you not when I say NOTHING HAPPENED throughout the entire book The ending was a little strange too It didn t make much sense, did [...]

    22. ARC provided via NetGalley for an honest review What s sexier then an alpha male that can cook I definitely can t think of anything sexier Characters were pretty well developed Chef Max Dylan is oh so yummy, I invision him as Eric Dane with Chef Gordon Ramsey s attitude But unfortunately our beautiful alpha male, not so alpha around the lovely Jillian and continually screws up and is misunderstood through out the book I kept yelling out my Kindle, Just explain what you really mean dammit I m a f [...]

    23. I was so disappointed with this book The dialogue was so one dimensional No passion, no heat, and Max was such a wimp.I was bored and I hated the structure of the chapters Point of view switched every chapter and not when I actually wanted to know what was going through the character s heads.And the sex just RANDOM like oh, right, sex scene ummm, enie meanie miney let s put it there view spoiler In the basement hide spoiler Ugh I was so disappointed This had such potential I definitely won t be [...]

    24. I love a good Love Hate relationship This one was a mild love hate Just didn t have as much comedy as I normally associate with these types of books I actually did feel like I read about a true honest actual real relationship when reading this story No fake story lines, but honest real life situations Wasn t my favorite, but read the whole book If you like Restaurant Impossible this is your cup of tea RATING 3 StarsTYPE OF NOVEL Mild Mature Adult RomanceCHARACTERS Jillian Brown Chef Max Dylan SE [...]

    25. I was given this book by Melanie Marchande to write a review Jillian Brown is a struggling Chef Jillian has a chance encounter with famous Chef Maxwell Dylan They both left impression on each other.A few years later Jill is in need of a job and Max comes across her resume She is desperate so she takes the job Working with Max she learned a lot about herself She learns a lot about being a great chef She falls in love with Max but he doesn t believe her love is real.A few years later they meet aga [...]

    26. The book started out so good I really loved it till like 80% thru and then it went downhill for me.Spoiler AlertSpoiler AlertSpoiler AlertThe three year separation made absolutely no sense to me He didn t seek her out They just happened to be at the same place at the same time and now he wants got get back together Sorry but that sucked and made no sense to me And I still don t understand why he was leery of a relationship in the first place Too many unanswered questions for me.

    27. I received an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed this story, yet didn t fall in love with the characters I LOVE an alpha male, but he didn t cut it for me and Jill didn t have a strong enough backbone for me either I did however LOVE Beckett and would love to read a story with him as the lead male character I don t like to cook, so relating with it being a Chef story made it hard for me.Overall, the book was written very well and wasn t a bad read Nice story and I was e [...]

    28. This was such a pleasant read It was really well written, and the story was just captivating I absolutely loved Maxwell, and enjoyed the environment Melanie created It was very different from my normal reads, but was wonderful change The character build was great, and loved the interactions and conflicts between characters It was just enough that you got their issues, but not overly done where you begin to get irritated with the characters I will definitely be recommending this book to others.

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