Scary Stories Treasury

Scary Stories Treasury Telling scary stories is something people have always done It is an old fashioned way of having a good time Nobody tells scary stories better than Alvin Schwartz and here for the very first time hi

  • Title: Scary Stories Treasury
  • Author: Alvin Schwartz
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Telling scary stories is something people have always done It is an old fashioned way of having a good time Nobody tells scary stories better than Alvin Schwartz, and here, for the very first time, his three most spine tingling books are together in one volume Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkMore Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkScary Stories 3Complete with Stephen GammTelling scary stories is something people have always done It is an old fashioned way of having a good time Nobody tells scary stories better than Alvin Schwartz, and here, for the very first time, his three most spine tingling books are together in one volume Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkMore Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkScary Stories 3Complete with Stephen Gammell s splendidly creepy and bone chilling drawings, this collection is perfect for reading late at night in the dark and gloom if you dare

    • [E-Book] ✓ Scary Stories Treasury | By ✓ Alvin Schwartz
      Alvin Schwartz

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    1. Alvin Schwartz was the author of than fifty books dedicated to and dealing with topics such as folklore and word play, many of which were intended for young readers He is often confused with another Alvin Schwartz, who wrote Superman and Batman daily comics strips and a novel titled The Blowtop.

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    1. Just in time for Halloween The Gammell illustrated version I believe has enough surreal nightmare fuel to permanently shape someone s actual nightmares into that style for at least the next few decades of their life Beautiful art but so uncanny and eldritch.What s really neat about this series is how each book has sort of its own character , it even shows in the iconic illustrations as well.The original book is a mix of quirky ghost stories and American folklore, which like most folklore has an [...]

    2. I had all three of Schwartz s Scary Stories books as a child, and remember reading them over and over The tales are mostly re tellings of classic urban legends The stories are creepy, but what really made this book great were the disturbing images by Stephen Gammell I remember staying up late reading these stories and staring at the images with a mixture of fascination and horror.Seriously, pretend you re a ten year old girl for a second and just look at these Now an adult, I went in search of a [...]

    3. If you were born in the 80 s, there s no way you escaped reading the Scary Stories books when you were young This edition collects all three books, along with all those illustrations you remember I found the Treasury edition on sale while waiting for the DC to NY bus, and I had to have it I ve pulled it out at several black outs since then to scare my foreign national room mates who recognize some of the stories from versions in their home countries And yes, they can still be scary to twenty som [...]

    4. Ah, the memories I recently picked up this omnibus of spooky favorites from childhood, including the three Scary Stories books by Alvin Schwartz Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Scary Stories 3 More Tales to Chill Your Bones and read them for the first time in my adulthood I really don t know what about these dark, macabre, downright creepy tales fascinated me so much as a child normally, I was terrified of anything remotely scary, having to leave th [...]

    5. I spent my parents hard earned money at scholastic book fairs, as an elementary school kid, on all three of the individual Scary Stories collections I was thrilled the other day when I saw this treasury in the bookstore, and couldn t resist bringing it home It combines all three of the collections, and includes the amazing illustrations by Stephen Gammell that absolutely scared the bejeezus out of me as a child I have to admit, reading through the stories now, that even as a kid these must have [...]

    6. Not too long ago there was announcement that was made that stated Alvin Schwartz s god bless his soul Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark would be making it s debut on the big screen Growing up, I am sure many of you may have seen these books in your local library or bookstore One cannot simply forget the chain smoking pipe skull.Sadly, I was told that these books were also removed from libraries because of the offending artwork that is portrayed by Mr Stephen Gammell However, that hardly stopped [...]

    7. Book 1 4 starsBook 2 2 starsBook 3 3.5 starsThis was a nice trip down memory lane I mean, as nice as scary stories go I remember reading many of these stories when I was much younger, and coming back to read them all was such a treat This illustrations are just as ghoulish, dark, sinister and macabre as I remember, and the stories equally so although, of course, some are better than others.I should mention that I wasn t at all frightened by any of these, seeing as how they were marketed towards [...]

    8. MY favorite part of this book was when the girl went to sleep and the spiders had layed eggs on her face and by the time she woke up her faced was totally destroyed and now i know for a fact that the story was also true because many people had said they were and at that point i was really scared i read this book a year ago and i seemed to like it because it interested me and I kept reading it

    9. This was a cute little Folk Lore Urban Legend book Some of the stories were really entertaining However some of the stories felt very unfinished or just plain pointless Some were just there, not scary or funny, somewhat confusing.

    10. The stories are alright, but let s not kid ourselves the only reason we checked this book out when we were in elementary school was for the sick illustrations Man, are they fantastic.

    11. Like every other American kid in the 80s and 90s, I grew up on these books They hold a special place in my heart and always will I was mortified when the publishers re released them with different illustrations back in 2011, because it was Stephen Gammell s haunting illustrations that really made these books, seating them so deeply into so many young minds in the 80s and 90s So I quickly went out and scoured my local used shops for copies, and then I ran across this awesome collection of all thr [...]

    12. Somebody I know thought Addie Fitch had witched him, Bill went on He drew a picture of her on a tree, then drove a nail into it to make her stop That s an old superstition, the doctor said But people like us don t believe in that sort of thing, do we The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series, by Alvin Schwartz, were a staple of children s literature during the 1980s and 90s Compared to the tame adventure tales and cheesy romances of the other books offered by our school library, Scary Stories [...]

    13. It s hard for me to remember what scared me as a kid the stories or the illustrations Both are absolutely terrifying especially the cover and when I was little, my older brother would read these books to me because I was too scared to even touch them I d grab them at the library, hold them at arms length and run to the check out counter I grabbed this edition, mainly out of nostalgia, but also because I read somewhere that all 3 books will be re released, but with new, odds are, totally lame il [...]

    14. So, there is a story in this book about a kid who finds a toe and eats it, and then the monster zombie or whatever it was that he took the toe from comes to get his toe back.My sister told me this story when I was young, but with alterations For instance, the toe wasn t eaten on purpose, it was mistaken for a black eyed pea and then the unsuspecting kid ate the black eyed pea toe and set in motion a scary monster zombie coming to get revenge for the eaten toe.Then of course, she convinced me tha [...]

    15. I ve read this book so many times like 80 probably wouldn t be much of an exaggeration I ve been reading it since 3rd grade my friends and I used to read these to each other so often we all had the best ones memorized I ve been reading it at least once a year since elementary school for nostalgia , and every single time I finish it, I m appalled and so, so satisfied by how horrifying some of these short little stories are Folk lore is fascinating.

    16. For about 2 years, I have been loving horror books My father read this book to me and it was very funny, but also scary I had scary experiences reading this book I actually imagined being the main characters in each story Although it was scary, it is also very funny I would recommend this book to other people.

    17. These books were so popular when I was growing up I m easily scared, and these creeped me out for weeks I bought this compilation as an adult, and most of the stories were familiar It s enjoyable for both adults and children.

    18. I used to love these book as a kid They were terrifying and my sister or my friends and I would read them in the dark and we wouldn t be able to sleep for hours afterwards The illustrations really were what made it scary they inspired a few nightmares for me, that s for sure

    19. this book was awsome but some of the stories gave me the creeps for days after and to anyone reading it if you come to the story about Harold don t read i still get creeped out, that story is so twisted

    20. I love this book ever since I was a little girl It scard me at nights when I should have been sleeping Its a collection of scary legeds or true stories The art work is unbeliveably great Classic bed times stories that will keep you up all night.

    21. These three books were my favorite reads as a child in elementary school I have always enjoyed a good scare, and I can remember reading these over and over in my dimly lit room at night before bed The stories were spooky and the artwork was, and still is, captivating.

    22. fuck the stories get it for Stephen Gammell s beautiful artwork this book is the main influence on all of my art.

    23. I got the last one of these from Barnes Noble as they put it on the discontinued, ready to be shipped away, pile It is all 3 of his scary stories series It s just brilliant

    24. Book 1 Part 1 1 The Big Toe They ate a toe 2 The Walk Kind of repetitive 3 What Do You Come For 4 Me Tie Dough ty Walker Well, alright 5 A Man Who Lived in Leeds 6 Old Woman All Skin and Bone I don t get it Part 2 7 The Thing Interesting 8 Cold as Clay 9 The White Wolf I don t know about this one 10 The Haunted House This story has so munch potential 11 The Guests Interesting Part 3 12 The Hearse Song That s gross 13 The Girl Who Stood on a Grave This story has potential too 14 A New Horse The f [...]

    25. New artwork was given to these books for the 30th anniversary in 2011 If you want original versions avoid any with a publication date of 2011 The July 2017 box set does contain the original artwork The ISBN is 9780062682895.The face on the cover is from the story The Haunted House, from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark THOUGHTS The stories were alright considering they were meant for fifth graders Some are only one page long, some are two, and a few are a little longer Some sort of end abruptly [...]

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