The Curse Breaker of Cairo

The Curse Breaker of Cairo There s a curse at Club Cairene and it s killing people Tangerine the renowned Freelance Curse Breaker is in Cairo to sort it out What at first appears to be just another routine job quickly becomes

  • Title: The Curse Breaker of Cairo
  • Author: Kate McVaugh
  • ISBN: 9781466317574
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s a curse at Club Cairene and it s killing people Tangerine, the renowned Freelance Curse Breaker, is in Cairo to sort it out What at first appears to be just another routine job quickly becomes complicated and dangerous than even she had ever expected Unfamiliar earth energies and shadowy characters block her every attempt to combat the curse And thenThere s a curse at Club Cairene and it s killing people Tangerine, the renowned Freelance Curse Breaker, is in Cairo to sort it out What at first appears to be just another routine job quickly becomes complicated and dangerous than even she had ever expected Unfamiliar earth energies and shadowy characters block her every attempt to combat the curse And then there s that strikingly handsome man seen leaving the club after the latest victim falls prey to the curse Tangerine cannot understand the peculiar sensual tingling that ripples through her body when he gazes into her eyes Curse breakers don t have to deal with purveyors of sexual energy, do they With the help of Club Cairene owner Leila, Tangerine sets off through the neighborhoods of exotic Cairo to track the origins of the curse and figure out a way to disarm it Also on her agenda is hunting down that very attractive, and possibly very evil, man Could the answer be found within the walls of the Cairo Museum Or in a pedestrian locale like a coffee shop Where ever the solution lies, Tangerine must act quickly before the curse destroys a great deal than just Club Cairene and the people around it Read an exerpt on
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    About Author

    1. Stories have been running through my head for as far back as I can remember In the most ordinary of places and situations I would often imagine a different, intriguing reality It was not until much later in my life that I began to write down some of these tales My books take place in the foreign lands where I have lived, traveled, and worked Most of my working life has been as an educator, starting out as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Brazil At other times, when I needed to pay for university and or required a break from the profession , I worked in nightclubs and corner bars I am also a travel essayist and have blogged for Lonely Planet.

    One thought on “The Curse Breaker of Cairo

    1. I was lucky enough to get this book for review and I ll admit, I m a cover whore lol and this cover hmm kind of turned me off to the book, enough that it took me awhile to actually pick it up to read itbut let me tell you that old age saying, Never judge a book by its cover I ve had other covers that were gorgeous and I picked them up and couldn t finish them because the writing was awful You have an awful cover here that is hiding a gorgeous story inside Fans of Paranormal Romance Myth will rea [...]

    2. Kate McVaugh comes up with a very imaginative premise here I have never seen Egyptian mythology handled quite the way she does it The characters also have interesting backgrounds, particularly the curse breaker herself Setting is also interesting, as McVaugh does a good job creating her interpretation of a modern, but clearly alternate, Cairo There is also than one unexpected twist So why not five stars This one is close, but for me the difference is the resolution of personal conflicts and ult [...]

    3. If you are looking for a well written, compelling and satisfying read then you will enjoy this book The writing is excellent and I particularly loved the way the author describes Tangerine s psychic journeys when she is investigating the curse I ve never read a book where the character s psychic abilities were described so clearly and it really helped me to relate to the character The vivid descriptions of Cairo also help the book to come alive for me I could see the bustling streets of modern d [...]

    4. I ll admit to being a little bit skeptical about reading The Curse Breaker of Cairo by Kate McVaugh due to the fact that it is a Paranormal Mystery Romance However, I had loved Kate s writing in her first mystery, Murder, Jaz and Tel Aviv , so I thought I would give it a try The story takes place in Cairo at Club Cairene where a curse is killing people, especially the musicians Tangerine has been hired to break the curse Her first step is to investigate the curse and in so doing ends up travelin [...]

    5. Generally, writing should show, not tell you things, at least with fiction This book doesn t do that It s awkwardly written, poorly paced, the characters are wooden and unengaging, even the sex is passionless and almost clinical It is at least a fairly original concept, or I d give one star.

    6. I greatly enjoyed this story It was quite the page turner for me I loved the background and the scenery of the book I loved the interaction between the characters.

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